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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer 2012

We had a great start to the riding season with lots of trail maintenance being done in the spring which then turned into one of the best summers for riding in a long time, the weather was great and the trails stayed in excellent condition.
With fall fast approaching and leaves starting to fall for the first time we have a leaf blower to use to clean the trails and have plans on starting to blow off some of the single tracks soon. Anyone wanting to help or have other trail repairs that they would like to see done, please contact me. Also please let me know of any downed trees or any other problems you may encounter while out in the quarries.
Over the last little while I've been hearing more and more complaints about dirt bikes and ATV's.  Most of the problems have stemmed from meeting these vehicles on the shared trails at high speed and not slowing down for hikers and bikers. There has also been a couple riders on the single track trails, as a result of this there is a bridge broken on the DH race course.  I am currently trying to figure out a solution to this problem, let me or the Village of Hillsborough office know any incidents that you have had or any future problems. 
For those of you who have been wondering the map is still being worked on and I have just received a copy back to work on. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dakine Builders Pack

We'd like to thank Dakine for supplying us with a new Builders Pack this spring. This is an awesome trail bulding tool that has made it possible for us to do trail work without having to carry a power saw by hand over long distances to so, it also gives us the ability to carry trail building supplies and tools that make it possible for one person to carry everything they need. Work like removing trees off our trails and building bridges has been made much easier and efficient .
Check out his pack as well as their other products at Dakine.com .


  • Expandable chainsaw pocket
  • Quick access lopper sleeve
  • Roll up nail bag
  • First Aid case
  • Fuel bottle pocket
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Adjustable padded waist belt
  • Internal hydration sleeve
  • Rescue whistle

New Bridge constructed  with the help of the builders pack.

Spring 2012

Once again biking season is upon us and its time to get out and ride.
The snow left early this year, but stayed very wet. This was bad for an early start to the biking season but it gave us an opportunity to get a large amount of trail work done before riding season started. There has been major repairs done to 3 of the trails, most trails have been cleared of debris and many of the trails have been raked. Thanks to everyone that came out to help.
 We will now have access to a backpack style leaf blower to clean debris and remove leaves from the rest of the trails, this combined with the trail work already done will leave the trails in the best shape they have been in years. Lets hope mother nature cooperates and doesn't give us another wet summer.
The map is still in the works and will be completed this summer, as well as more signage put in place.
Membership fees are due (still only $20), please make arrangements to pay this asap so the HMBA can continue the work on the trail system.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

With spring here and the snow melting its time to dust of the bikes, clean up the trails and get ready for another riding season.
We've had a great winter and the trails are in good shape from what we've seen while snowshoeing, but they need walked again when the snow is gone so they will be ready for spring. We will have a trail cleanup day as soon as possible so we can get out riding as soon as the trails dry.
A few of the older trails in the lower quarries haven't had alot of maintenance in the past few years and are in need of repair due to downed trees and wash outs. We've been talking about repairing theses trails if there is interest, this will give us more options for riding and since these trails don't have as many hills they make great trails for newer and younger riders to start in the sport.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New signage

As your out in the trails in Hillsborough you'll notice the new signs that we have just put up over the last couple weeks. These signs were put up in response to the increased presence of motorcycles and ATVs on the the hiking/biking trails, which has caused a serious safety concern to everyone using the trail system. In the future there will be more signs put up as well as one of the wider trails will be blocked off to ATV traffic. Hopefully this will make the trails more enjoyable and safer for everybody.
Please help out if you see anyone riding dirt bikes on trails with the "no dirt bike" signs or tampering with the signage by getting a picture or a licence plate number and let the village office or us know.